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David Stroud

David Stroud David was born in Swansea. The first time he left Wales was on a weekend trip to London when he was fifteen years old. The travel bug must have bitten him, because...


Kathleen Bates

Kathleen Bates Kathleen is a retired teacher of French and German. Her favourite pastimes include music, writing, travel, gardening, dog-walking and maintaining contact with friends at home and abroad. A widow, she delights in...


Maya Alexandri

Maya Alexandri Maya describes herself best – see her website Her agent describes her thus Read short stories by Maya Champions of Pleasure published in The Stockholm Review of Literature (20 Nov 2016) Orfea...

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Sam Riverbanks

Sam Riverbanks Sam Riverbanks has lived in London for over 20 years and works in computer, having trained as an aeronautical engineer. The Duelling Worlds is his first novel. It was first self-published as...


Johannes Kerkhoven

Johannes Kerkhoven Johannes Kerkhoven is an artist and author. Born in Rotterdam he spent the first nine years of his life in Franeker. During the war he lived in Hilversum and later in Utrecht...

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Nick Horgan

Nick Horgan Nick Horgan lives in outer suburban north-west London with his wife, and has a full-time job in administration. An enthusiastic reader who didn’t enjoy creative writing at school, he answered an advert...


Paul Ross

Paul Ross Paul Ross is a chimney sweep and has been a professional chimney sweep for over twenty years. He started telling the stories of Rodney the chimney Sweep to his youngest daughter Heather-Jay...


Great War in Africa Association

Great War in Africa Association The Great War in Africa Association is an online community of people interested in aspects of the First World War in Africa. GWAA is an imprint of TSL. Books...


Linda Lee Kane

Linda Lee Kane Linda describes herself best. She is based in the USA and writes under both L Lee Kane and Linda Kane. Books by Linda Black Madonna: The Pope’s Obsession (2019) (book) (ebook)

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Gabriela Harding

Gabriela Harding Gabriela currently lives in London, is married and has a young son. This is her first book of short stories. Gabriela’s first published book book is Santa Claws, a book for young...