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TSL’s ebooks are published in epub format to be compatible with all types of ereader, supporting equality of access. For some ereaders you might need to load an app

If you can, please buy your books from TSL or direct from Lulu. All our ebooks are available through the links below, some exclusively to give our authors the best deal.


Short Stories – why read them? #shortstories

Some say only established authors should publish short stories.

At TSL we support and publish short story compilations, recognising that readers like variety. Short stories allow a reader to enter into a writer’s world more broadly than a novel. An anothology of short stories by the same author can give the reader a pretty clear idea of the author’s thinking and styles of writing. Feelings and expressions are often more intense in the short story than in an author’s longer writing.

Short stories provide variety and an opportunity for authors to experiment with different styles and ideas. Not all ideas can evolve into full length novels, so the short story is an ideal way to capture it. In many ways writing the perfect short story is more challenging than writing a novel. Trying to convey a message in a few words is far more difficult than in a longer text: ask any student having to write an essay or a dissertation.

If you’re not sure about an author, why not try their short stories? They’re ideal for reading whilst travelling on public transport and for giving as presents.
TSL anthologies range from the ‘traditional’ short story, however traditional is defined, through to the experimental and more obscure. There’s definitely something for everyone.


Something dramatic #click & #buy #books #drama

TSL has a growing collection of scripts for monologues, one act and full length plays. Here’s the latest collection… Click on the image for more information and for ordering copies . Performance Licences are available.



One Act Plays


Full Length Plays



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The Adventures of Rhys & Towing Path Tales

George and Flora

Sir Chocolate Series

And don’t forget to look at our Author Collaboration page for more children’s books.



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Our collection keeps growing – go on, take another look – there’s bound to be something else to tempt you…