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This book is neither a history of Ethiopia nor a series of biographies of the rulers described – such has been more properly attended to by more qualified persons elsewhere. My role has been that of an antiquarian – a person who studies or collects old and valuable or rare objects. I have not directly accessed any primary sources, but I have had the good fortune, often online, to be able to refer to a wealth of published material – articles, collections, biographies, histories, studies, reports and websites from which I have been able to extract and collect the many references to the Order of the Seal of Solomon.
From Emperor Tewodros II and the siege of Magdala, through the reigns of Yohannes IV, Menelik II, Iyasu, Zawditu and Haile Selassie I, this book traces the origins of the Order of the Seal of Solomon and its development into the premier award of the nation. Profusely illustrated with colour and black and white images, this 200 page hardback book is a definitive record of the Order. Also included are informative appendices concerning the origins of the Order of the Star of Ethiopia, and details of the Imperial Family Order and the Order of Negus Mikael.

About the author
Owain Raw-Rees was born in 1959 in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, educated at Christ College, Brecon and read theology at Worcester College, Oxford. Subsequently he was commissioned into the Royal Welch Fusiliers. On leaving the Army he pursued a career in insurance and lived in the Middle East from 1989 until retirement in 2019.
Since 1993 he has been a regular contributor to the Journal of the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS) of Great Britain and to Miniature Medals World (MMW) – an OMRS Journal Prize and two Commendations and also two MMW Literary Awards and has contributed to the Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) – ten OMSA Literary Medals. He is also regular exhibitor at the annual OMRS Conventions and has been awarded ten Exhibitor Medals – including four gold medals. In recognition of his research work he was awarded the Qu’aiti Sultanate Order of Distinction, 2000, and appointed a Member of the Order of the Star of Honour of Ethiopia by the Crown Council of Ethiopia, 2018. Through long involvement with the Association of Round Tables Arabian Gulf he was made an Honorary Life Member of the Association.

AI Solomonic Decorations - Owain Raw-Rees

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