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Science fiction and fantasy

Science fiction and fantasy are genres I don’t do easily. For all that, I do find aspects of it fascinating. TSL author Leslie Tate interviewed Dave Weaver about writing Science Fiction which shows the...


In Memorium

The following authors live on through their writing. Bhupendra Brahmabhatt: 26 September 1952 – 3 December 2019   Peter Sternberg 1930 – January 2019   David Ferris ?? – 6 December 2016


Chocolate stories

Easter is a special time for Chocolate, Robbie Cheadle tells of how Sir Chocolate saved Easter. Other Sir Chocolate adventures can be found here. But chocolate is good all year round…so why not try...


Inspired Sport

Inspired Sport I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite the sporty one – that is unless you regard speed-reading as a sport… The selection of books below although covering sport, deal with...


Out of the Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary Enjoy something science fiction, fantasy or a little obscure? Then one of these ‘out of the ordinary’ books might just be for you… and if you haven’t seen it elsewhere,...


Inspired by 3AM

Inspired by 3AM Whilst reading 3AM edited by Angela Kingston, the following came to mind: Discovering that white nights (nuit blanche) refers to a night without sleep, I immediately thought of White Nights (the...

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Connections It’s a small world – how often are these words uttered? But it really does seem to be so interconnected. As part of an email conversation I was sent the following link: Johannes...


Priests and Religious men

Priests and Religious men Religion in the UK is apparently on the decline yet it features in a few novels – in fact a surprising number. For example in novels authored by TSL writers,...


The perils of sailing

I’m intrigued that so many think sailing is easy, but maybe that’s more to do with my personality and the books I’ve read. Over recent years, a number of books about the ordeal of...


Chimney Sweeps

Chimney Sweeps Little did I know when I met Paul Ross at the TSL sponsored Meet the Author Day that I was meeting a chimney sweep: a real live chimney sweep! I’d read about...