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Patricia Simpson

About Patricia Simpson

Patricia Simpson is a member of Watford Writers Group. She enjoys reading historical fiction including historical romance and also detective stories both historical and modern. Death in Waiting is her first published novel.

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Dahlia Harrison

About Dahlia Harrison

Dahlia Harrison is a retired local government officer who studied for an MA in History then a Masters in Theology in her spare time to enhance her interests in social and military history. She has been a researcher and medal collector for over 30 years. Dahlia is a member of the Victorian Military Society, Western Front Association, Honorary Treasurer of the Friends of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers’ Museum (Royal Warwickshire) and a member of the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS). Dahlia has given many years of her time to the Committee of the OMRS, both as Convention Organiser and subsequently General Secretary. She is temporarily acting as secretary of her local OMRS Branch and lives with her husband in Lincolnshire.

Supplementary material to accompany British Military Chaplaincy and Religion in South Africa 1899-1902
not included in the book. (excel spreadsheets)
Chaplains Appendix H

Chaplains Appendix H-2

AChD Regimental Roll – TNA – WO 100 and ADM 171

Regimental Roll of Christian Volunteers

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JM Kearsley

About JM Kearsley

JM Kearsley was born in England but emigrated to South Africa soon after her marriage. A full-time teacher for many years, she is now semi-retired, giving private English and Mathematics lessons to Primary school children. She and her husband have three children and two lovely grand-children. When she isn’t helping with homework, Joy enjoys reading, writing and scrap-booking. To Be A Soldier is the first of a trilogy concerning the Peninsular War.

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Charlotte Harker

About Charlotte Harker

Charlotte Harker is an Artist, published Writer and Performance Poet. Her work has been supported by, amongst others, Arts Council England and the Pollock Krasner Foundation. She has exhibited her work both in the UK and abroad and been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize. She was the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Heath Robinson Museum in North West London.

An interview with Charlotte about her creativity.

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Somo M.L. Seimu

About Somo M.L. Seimu

Somo M.L. Seimu is a Tanzanian. He has a PhD (University of Central Lancashire), ME.d (Cardiff University) and BA with education (Dar es Salaam University). For over a decade he has been teaching at Moshi Co-operative University. Previously, he taught in several secondary schools in Tanzania.

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John Padbury

About John Padbury

John Padbury is a former Rhodesian Special Branch detective inspector from Zimbabwe (or Rhodesia as it was before independence).
See more about John on his website

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Sam Lewis

About Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis is a frequent political and foreign affairs commentator, seen on GB News, Times Radio and TalkRadio, and published within journals such as the National Interest. This is Sam’s first novel, inspired by the stories he heard when he lived in China.

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Alexander Crombie

About Alexander Crombie

Alexander Crombie lives in the English Midlands. He is married to Caroline; they have three children. In 2004 he was awarded the MBE for Services to the Blind Community.

Alexander lost his sight during his teens, since when he has experienced many of the joys and sorrows, the crises and life changes that impact the story BECOME THE WIND. It is his heart-felt hope that you will come with him into the world of his principle character, and that you will want to TURN THE PAGE.

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Abdolhai Shammasi

About Abdolhai Shammasi

Abdolhai Shammasi was born Shiraz in Iran, in 1954. He moved to Tehran with his family when he was ten years old. Shammasi is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter and university lecturer. He studied mathematics in high school, pursued a degree in architecture, dropped out after two years and entered the University of Dramatic Arts, where he studied dramatic literature. He began his artistic career as a teenager making short films before turning to storytelling, publishing two collection of short stories (the last sign and six paintings) and ten books for children and adolescents. In the field of textbooks, he has written five art textbooks for the Ministry of Education for primary and secondary school. He has authored a book on teaching storytelling for the Faculty of Teacher Training, a comprehensive book on teaching playwriting for students, and a book on plain language writing for high school students. He holds the First Class Art Award and has received a commendation from the ITI (International Theater Institute) for his playwriting and playwriting workshops. He has been teaching playwriting, screenwriting and storytelling at the university for about thirty years.
Shammasi has written more than thirty plays, all of which have been performed and published in Iran, and has won the playwriting award four times.
– He has made two feature films and a few short films.
– He is editor of two magazines (art and music quarterly).
– He has judged many theater festivals and playwriting competitions.
– He has participated in the establishment of the Experimental Theater Center.
– He established Parto Naghsh Khial Film Institute and is its CEO.

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Kim Wedler

About Kim Wedler

Kim Wedler has been a teacher and globetrotter for over 20 years. Her passion for the Theatre has been a constant, both in her professional and private life. She has performed in over 60 plays and is a NODA award winning actor who, recently was also Barnet Drama Festival’s best Female Lead for two years running.
Her experience on the Stage and behind the scenes has led to her writing a number of plays and monologues. Her work both epitomises – and gives a fresh twist to – the tradition of Great British Comedy.
Her play I love you Moore is available from Silver Birchington plays. She is from North London.

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