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Some TSL authors have created videos related to their books. Click on the image to purchase the book(s).

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Francis Beckett

(video features TSL author, Clive Greenwood)
A Youtube taster of my play A Modest Little Man, with @greenwood_clive
as the king, Roger Rose as Clem Attlee, and Lynne O'Sullivan as Violet Attlee.
Mavis Pachtervideo
Ezra WilliamsRadio Interview
Part 1
Part 2
Intros to ...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Margaret L Moorevideo
Robbie CheadleRobbie's son Greg has captured some videos of Robbie and Michael baking showing you how to make their various creations. Alongside the videos on TSL, Greg and Robbie now have their own channel
Melville Lovatt, Theatre, MonologueMelville LovattThe Wall’ and ‘The Teddy Bear’ from his collection Standing Alone are on YouTube by East Lane Theatre Company
Dave RobsonIntro
Part 2

Peter Sternberg

About Peter Sternberg

Peter Sternberg was born in Germany during the time of Hitler, however, the family was lucky enough to emigrate to Zimbabwe when Peter was four. He lived most of his life in Gatooma (Kadoma) before moving with his wife to Harare and then Cape Town, South Africa. Peter died in London in January 2017 before his books were published. He was an active member of Jewish communities as recorded by the South African Jewish Report.

Books by Peter


Clive Greenwood and Jason Wing

About Clive Greenwood and Jason Wing

Clive Greenwood began as a actor at the age of 14. He started writing comedy sketches with “Newsrevue” then with his own sketch show “Out of Order” which transferred to radio and led to him writing for children’s TV show “Wysiwyg”. His first stage play “Goodbye; the (after)life of Cook & Moore” enjoyed sell out runs in Edinburgh and London, and he has just completed “Laurel & Hancock” for production in 2022. He has written scripts for many historic sites, including Greenwich Painted Hall, Kenilworth Castle, The National Archives, Hampton Court, and the V&A, and has just joined the writing team for Rory Bremner’s new show, and written a new radio pilot “Trapped on the telly”.

Jason Wing is an actor and writer from West London. He joined the Glynn Knowles Drama Group at a young age and was encouraged to write Plays for the Group to perform. His first play “The Christmas Mystery” was performed by the Group at the Battersea Arts Festival and he won an award from the Mayor of Streatham. Jason went on to study at the Drama Centre via a Sir Anthony Hopkins scholarship and has been working in theatre, television and film as both an actor and writer since he graduated. His career was launched by the director Jonathan Miller in a production of “The Beggar’s Opera” at Wiltons Music Hall.

Books by Clive and Jason


Sutherland Bell

About Sutherland Bell

Writer, Sarah Bell and illustrator, Nicola Sutherland are the creative duo behind Sutherland Bell. Friends for many years, it seemed natural to create The Green Man & the Raven’s Quest together, taking inspiration from nature and their love of folklore, myths and legends. With global warming, polluted seas and tides of trash increasing, both felt the need to weave a stark ecological warning into the fable.

The Green Man & the Raven’s Quest began when Sarah collaborated on a script for Acorn Music Theatre Company’s production of The Green Man & Other Fables. Encouraged by Gail Rosier, Acorn’s creative director, and the success of the productions at White Pond Farm and Blenheim Palace, Sarah set about turning her poems into a more adult fable. With the recent loss of her father, the theme of attempting to hold back death seemed a natural one. Realising that a fable without illustrations would be like a Siren without a song, Sarah asked Nicola to illustrate a couple of poems and the Raven’s Quest took flight.

Find out more about Sutherland Bell at

Books by Sutherland Bell


Melville Lovatt

About Melville Lovatt

Melville Lovatt is an award winning playwright / monologue writer whose plays have been performed widely in smaller theatres throughout London.

NODA Award – June 2018 Melville Lovatt with Kim Wedler and Linda Hampson of Ruislip Dramatic Society

A number of Melville’s plays have won awards:
The Powers That Be won The Sussex Playwrights Club 1st Prize for best full-length play.
Small Mercies, a full-length play, won both a Jack Langford Memorial Award and a Derek Lomas Memorial Award.
Two one-act plays The Grave and The Kiss were shortlisted for The Diane Raffle Award.
Two monologues, Egg And Spoon and Making Adjustments (from Standing Alone) won the 2018 NODA Showcase Competition on 23 June 2018 at the Radlett Centre. Kim Wedler and Linda Hampson of the Ruislip Dramatic Society performed the pieces.

His monologue, The Dream features on Week 5 (last performance) of Tickle & Scratch: Spooky Stories

The Wall’ and ‘The Teddy Bear’ from his collection Standing Alone are on YouTube by East Lane Theatre Company,as is the monologue he directed, ‘Waiting For Jesus.’

Melville’s poetry has won awards:
“When all this is over” won the Barnet Borough Times June 2020 poetry award.
“The last sale” won the Harrow Times Poetry Writing Competition in December 2020.
“To Poetry” won the Harrow Times Poetry Writing Competition in May 2021.

Melville studied playwriting at The City Literature Institute, Drury Lane, London and also at The Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn.

He was President of Harrow Writers Circle until 2018 and lives in Hatch End, North West London and is a member of Uxbridge Library’s “Curtain’s Up” Play Reading Group.

Plays and Monologues by Melville



Jennie Willett

About Jennie Willett

Jennie Willett
Jennie is a free-lance lecturer, trainer, therapist and writer. As a lecturer in adult teacher education, specialising in the way people learn Jenny facilitated courses at a London college on personal development. Many of her students suffered from low mood, anxiety and depression prompting her to devise tasks to lift their mood. These tasks have been included in this book. Her private practice covers personal development, stress management and cognitive behaviour therapy. She can be contacted through TSL.
Follow Jennie’s blog offering regular hints and reminders on building confidence and well-being.

Jennie has a series of titles planned for Easy Ways including dealing with managing stress and meetings.
As part of her work to help reduce stress and improve mental health, Jennie runs an art group, Art4All, in Northwood. During 2020 they could not have a physical exhibition so did one online. Jennie believes there’s an artist in everyone.

Dr Peter Connell
As a General Practitioner for forty years Peter was to dealing on a daily basis with patients suffering from depression, anxiety and a range of similar illnesses whether expressed or hidden. He found talking therapies often worked better than medication. This book incorporates many of those successful methods that eliminated the need for medication.

Books by Jennie


Sue Hampton

About Sue Hampton

Sue, author of over 30 titles describes herself best.

I am Me was written by Sue Hampton and illustrated by Paula Watkins to help fundraise for People Not Borders, a charity supporting refugees. All profits will be used to fund the work of Herts for Refugees, the charity with which People not Borders has now joined.
I am Me was a finalist in the 2018 People’s Book Prize
Review of Instead

Listen to Sue talk about Ravelled and other Stories.
Sue reads from Ravelled.

Sue talks about Intact. Intact was awarded the Red Ribbon in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2021.

Books by Sue


Ezra Williams

About Ezra Williams

Ezra Williams was born in Alaska during a particularly harsh storm in 1978. Fairytales and Oddities is his second collection of short stories, following 2007’s Losing Henry, and he is currently working on a novel, Weltschmerz Inc, a ghost story. His writing has appeared in numerous anthologies, periodicals, and on the stage. He is an award-winning musician, a sometime comedian and enthusiastic filmmaker, and lives in London with his partner and three tortoises.

Two links to the radio show where Ezra discusses Fairytales and Oddities: Part 1 Part 2 He was interviewed by Andy Bungay on Riverside Radio DAB on 17 July 2021.

And four little intros to Fairytales and Oddities (1) ; (2) ; (3) ; (4)

Books by Ezra


Fraser Parsons

About Fraser Parsons

Fraser was born in Caerleon, Monmouthshire, a small town with interesting Roman remains and home to the nearby Celtic Manor golf course.
In 1980 he graduated with a degree in Economics from Swansea University. He then started work as a computer programmer/analyst at a life assurance company in High Wycombe. It was here he met Amanda, his future wife and they still live in The Chilterns.
Fraser was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2001, age 42. He’s always enjoyed drawing and as a child used to copy cartoons out of papers and magazines and then started to draw his own.
In 2000 they adopted a small stray cat with a big personality. She had one and a half ears and they named her Strumble. She was the inspiration for Fraser writing 2 children’s books which he got printed and then sold to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK. He is currently working on a third book.
He has illustrated a book of poems by Judy Theobald which also raised money for Parkinson’s UK.
His interests include photography, walking, listening to music and setting music intro quizzes. He also plays walking football, and occasionally table tennis. He is a member of the Chiltern Film Society and his favourite TV show is ‘Mock the Week’.

All royalties will be donated to the Amersham and Wycombe Branch of Parkinson’s UK to help support local people with Parkinson’s as well as to support research and a cure for Parkinson’s.

Books by Fraser


Robbie Cheadle and Michael

About Robbie

Robbie is a qualified chartered accountant and works in corporate finance specialising in advice relating to the listings requirements of various stock exchanges, in particular the JSE Limited, and takeover law. Robbie’s hobbies are writing poetry and children’s stories as well as baking and fondant art.
Here she tells why she became an author

Find Robbie on Facebook. She’s also on Twitter @bakeandwrite and with a new website.
For more about Robbie and her books, see here.
Robbie’s son Greg has captured some videos of Robbie and Michael baking showing you how to make their various creations. Alongside the videos on TSL, Greg and Robbie now have their own channel.

In January 2017, Robbie featured on Smorgasbord Meet and Greet,
in February 2017, Mystery Thriller Week.

Silly Willy featured on Lisa Burton Radio on 25 May 2017

Robbie tells Allan Hudson why she published the Sir Chocolate series – 20 January 2018
Inspired by Sir Chocolate
Robbie shares with Esther Chiltern on writing adult books: Through the Nethergate

About Michael

At ten years old, Michael, a student in Johannesburg, came up with the idea of Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet and many of the characters contained in the books. His ideas were such fun that Robbie decided to turn them into little verse books for his entertainment.

Books by Robbie

Sir Chocolate Books by Robbie and Michael