Bits and Pieces

This page contains some useful advice by others in the writing world as well as links to others who provide associated services.

Writing support

Getting your text ready
Copy Editing
Copy Editing vs Proof Reading
Developmental Editing
Editing your own work before sending it to your editor
Options for Fiction Manuscript evaluation
Working with illustrators
Author-Editor relationships
Images in e-books
Why book covers are rejected

Almost everything you need to know about ISBNs
New ISBN required?

Want to use something by a famous author? check the copyright at The WATCH File
The UK Copyright legislation is a useful detailed document.
The UK Copyright Service provides a good overview.
IGLC has more detailed guidance/information.

Using real people in your fiction writing
The right of publicity
Invasion of privacy

Aspects of writing

How strong is your dialogue?
Grammar mistakes?

Best cliffhanger endings

Next steps for your published book
Getting your book translated
Writing in multiple genres

Helpful people

Blackbird Literary Agency

Alison Gilbert
Lynne Baybut

Cover designer

Colin Rowe designed the cover for Battle for Hurungwe

Duncan Bourne designed the cover for Archibald’s Aunt

Ben Baldwin designed the cover for This and That designed the cover and flyer for The Celebration Husband

Prodeepta Das designed the cover/poster for When Chaplin met Gandhi

Pauline Grande Lopez designed the cover for When Rhys fell out a tree

Copyright free images available from the New York Metropolitan Museum and Second Wind, Pixabay

Kirsty Adegboro, KAD Indexing and Translation Services

TSL children/young people authors available through Peters