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TSL Publications

  • Was founded in 2014
  • Directors have been associated with publishing for over 10 years
  • Adheres to data protection as set out in the GDPR
  • Is a member of PLS
  • Understands the challenges authors face – TSL directors are authors too and a member of ALCS
  • Cares about readers and writers
  • Publishes fiction and non-fiction from around the world in both print-on-demand and e-book formats
  • Writers are diverse and have often spent years agonising over whether to publish their books
  • Believes if you put the effort into writing a book, there is someone out there waiting to read it
  • Works with self-published writers to promote their book(s)
  • Strives to ensure all involved in the production of a book get a fair deal.

… is waiting to hear from you!

For Academic and other referencing purposes, place of publication for TSL Publications is Rickmansworth

Frequently Asked Questions
In 2017, Author Leslie Tate published an interview with TSL about our approach to publishing.
In 2021, author Frank Parker interviewed Anne about TSL and her own writing experiences.
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