Frequently Asked Questions

How does TSL differ to traditional publishers?
Traditional publishers work through agents who filter books coming to them.
TSL does not work through agents. This means more to the author from the sale of book and a cheaper price for the reader.
Traditional publishers might ask for upfront payments to reduce their risk in selling your book – this is sometimes referred to as vanity publishing.
TSL does not ask for upfront payments.

Where can I buy TSL’s books?
Through the site links or is best. This maximises the amount the author gets. Using other channels reduces the amount the author and publisher are entitled to by up to 90%.

If you want to do a bulk order or to have stock for a bookshop, please get in touch to discuss discount options. TSL wants a 4-way-situation: for reader, writer, book seller and publisher.

Author questions
Who is responsible for the editing of manuscripts?
TSL expects the author to pick up the cost of substantial editing, although TSL does a proofread and final edit as part of the service for no charge. This is part of TSL’s endeavour to ensure that top quality books are produced. TSL can recommend editors. The writer and editor make their own arrangements – there are no commission charges for this service.

Who supplies the cover image?
It is easiest if the writer has their own cover image. This can be done by the writer if they have the necessary skills or by a designer. The designers who have produced covers for TSL published books are listed on the Bits and Pieces link. The cost of getting a cover designed depends on various aspects including how well you know the artist. TSL is happy to discuss options for cover design with the writer.

What special requirements are needed for cover images?
Irrespective of who designs the cover, it is important that a 1cm border be included around the image to ensure that the cover fits the print area appropriately. The 1cm border should not have any writing or significant image aspects included. It may be that the image runs through the border but if it is cut it will not affect the impact of the overall look. It saves a lot of hassle if this border can be added upfront.

How does TSL support writers/authors who are already published?
TSL recognises the challenges writers face in promoting their own book. If you would like to explore how TSL supports individual writers, please do get in touch. TSL does not take an upfront fee to ‘guarantee’ x number of tweets, postings etc. TSL tries to do things slightly differently.