How to be a Popular Crew – Dave Robson

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Are you one of the tiny percentage of novice crew members who gets invited back, or do you find yourself with the majority, sitting on the quayside gazing wistfully into your cappuccino wondering what you did wrong or didn’t do right, while skippers make plans to go sailing with your friends instead of you?

Crew members who repeatedly get invited to come back to crew another day are members of a tiny elite.

The ideas, suggestions and true stories in this book will help you to join that elite – if you’ve got what it takes! If you want to learn to sail and get into yachting as an aspiring crew, or you are a new yacht club member wondering what planet skippers come from, what on earth they want from you, what you have to do to get invited on board and, most of all, how to get invited to come again, this book is for you, for it’s simple aim is to help you become the most sought-after crew person in your yacht club.

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1 review for How to be a Popular Crew – Dave Robson

  1. AnneS

    “there are some good hints and I enjoyed reading it”
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