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Austin Motor Cars and Others

An Austin features in both Michael’s Magic Motor Car by Ray Wooster and Leslie Tate’s Heaven’s Rage. I’m not one to know much about cars but given that the Austin has featured in two of our books, it seemed an appropriate theme to explore – well, that of cars featuring in novels.

At the time of writing this piece, I was proofreading the novel, The Duelling Worlds by Sam Riverbanks when the eye just happened to fall on the sentence ‘A Vauxhall Astra, not the swanky BMWs and Range Rovers that some London councils thought fit to provide their police teams.’ Thinking about cars in books, there are a few no-name brands in Broken Ties of Time by Josie Arden. Broken Ties of Time also includes a daimler, ‘red Triumph Herald Estate’ and ‘A left-hand-drive daffodil yellow Lamborghini’, registration number ‘1LL WIN’. Another book which features a range of cars, including a yellow sports car, is Anna Ryland’s A Second Chance.

Moving to our books on African themes and the means of transport differs to those used in England. John Samson’s Shaka are Dead has the two young boys hitching a ride in a ‘bakkie’ (open backed mini-truck and a hiace taxi whilst Maya Alexandri’s female heroines in The Celebration Husband make use of an ox-waggon – not quite a motorised vehicle.

Building cars features in non-TSL children’s book The Car by Gary Paulsen.

In amongst all the books on Austin cars specifically, this one caught my eye.
Austin Pedal Cars by David Whyley

Finally, Rodney the Chimney Sweep had to feature only because there’s a car (okay, a van) on the cover. Does that mean Six for the Road and Bus Stop Blues are applicable too?

Have you seen?