Christopher X Morris appreciation

Christopher X Morris

Trust is a hard hitting dark play. It shows what lengths someone in an abusive relationship can do to break free.

As Chrisopher said in his fundraising blurb for the production – its aim is to let people in such relationships know they are not alone.

Christopher is a very private person. You won’t find much about him on line other than what is in the TSL bio for him, so sadly I can’t point you to his other productions or even give you an idea of what they entail. This is a pity because if Trust is anything to go by, he’s an audacious writer prepared to tackle difficult themes.

While I might not have gone to watch Trust (it was performed in New York where Chrisopher is based), it certainly did grab, and hold onto, me whilst I was preparing it for publication. All credit to Christopher for sticking his head out to get the play written, produced and published – it received an accolade at the NY Summerfest in 2018 for creativity – just a pity this hasn’t translated into greater recognition for either the script or Christopher, evidence of how tough it is out there to be heard…

Mark Brookes’ POET’s Day, part of the Crane Trilogy is another hard-hitting play, dealing with issues few want to see on screen. TSL worked with Mark on this back in 2016/7.