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The calming effects of water …

For many looking out over an expanse of water can be quite calming. It allows for contemplation in chaotic and fraught lives…
Water too can bring about life changes – it is necessary for life …
Various TSL authors (and associates) have used water on their covers – which one(s) will you read?


Tricia Price appreciation

Tricia Price

Tricia Price is one of our authors who does not do modern technology. She joined the TSL fold following the recommendation of a long-standing friend of hers whose books TSL had also published – Pamela Howarth who died in 2020. Like Pamela’s, Tricia’s books had been typed on the old-fashioned typewriter and needed transcribing into electronic format before they could be published – of our four authors who do not engage with modern technology, only two are still with us – how times have changed.
Tricia’s three books with TSL all have an historical theme:
* one for adults: Thirty-Seven Guns about Lord Byron,
* one for the older young person: Christopher Crown and the Immortal Signal, a fantasy where a young boy falls asleep on the beach and in his dream joins Nelson on his flagship,
* one for the younger young person: The Land of Counterpane, a collection of short adventures where a young girl encounters different historical characters at night.
All three books gently take the reader on a journey into the past encountering adventure along the way. It was good to hear that the person who transcribed the texts for Tricia enjoyed the stories too – always a good boost for both the author and the publisher.
So, if you are looking for a trip down memory lane into by-gone times with a gentle dose of British-focused adventure, then I strongly recommend Tricia’s books.

(There are only a few paper copies of Pamela’s books still available for sale: The Windspeare Lot; The Hidden Sun)

aristocracy 0

Aristocracy: a developing theme

Aristocracy: a developing theme

Despite today’s ideas of equality, the Aristocracy still features strongly in literature. Suprisingly, in a number of books published by TSL. For this list, we turn things around adding a couple of other related books to those by TSL authors:

1. Maya Alexandri – The Celebration Husband features the von Brantburgs
2. Josie Arden – Broken Ties of Time featuring Lord Winsforth
3. Ray Wooster – A Boy’s War Journal 1942-1942 featuring the Bracon family

Short stories:
The Brute and the Beast in Ravelled and other stories by Sue Hampton
Where the bee sucks in Tea at the Opalaco and other stories by Jane Lockyer Willis

Children’s stories:
Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries by Robbie and Michael Cheadle

The bonus books are:
Lord Greystoke aka Tarzan
Count Dracula
Pomp and Circumstance by Sue Hampton

And more from TSL authors since 2016:

Big Name Hunting and A limerick romp through time – Arnie Wilson
From Commoner to Coronet by Beatrice Holloway

Henry Dawe performs Two Paces Back, a charity music video celebrating the life of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and raising funds in aid of The Silver Line helpline for older people.

Not quite an aristocrat but with a Crown in his name is Christopher Crown and the Immortal Signal by Tricia Price.

first pubilshed 20 July 2016, updated 2024

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Tricia Price

About Tricia

Tricia Price was born in Scotland but grew up in South Wales where she now lives. After graduating she embarked on a career in advertising, first as a copywriter and subsequently as a television executive. Among her interests she enjoys travel and life in general, agreeing with Lady Mary Montagu that it is all very interesting.

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Time travel

I can’t say time-travel is one of my favourite things although I do sometimes think it would be wonderful to ‘beam me up, Scottie’ to get to another country rather than go through all the hassle of airports and sitting on a plane for many hours. Recently, I’ve had a few encounters with time travel in novels. What seems to be trend for time-travellers is that their clothes are behind the times and the give-away.

In The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Henry keeps arriving in new time zones naked. The reason given for this is so that his clothes do not give him away. He needs to find attire for the time he’s visiting.

Nick Horgan has Memories of Time Travel in his collection of short stories by that name, while in The Land of Counterpane, Tricia Price takes young readers back in time with some historical fiction, similarly young Christopher Crown travels back in time to join Nelson’s navy.
Other TSL authors who deal with changes in time and space are John Samson in Reading Lady Chatterley in Africa and The Fall of the Romance Empire, Gideon Masters in the Lucifer’s Child trilogy, Robbie Cheadle in Through the Nethergate and Beatrice Holloway in Elusive Destiny.

first published 12 January 2017, updated 2024