Thirty Seven Guns


Tricia Price appreciation

Tricia Price

Tricia Price is one of our authors who does not do modern technology. She joined the TSL fold following the recommendation of a long-standing friend of hers whose books TSL had also published – Pamela Howarth who died in 2020. Like Pamela’s, Tricia’s books had been typed on the old-fashioned typewriter and needed transcribing into electronic format before they could be published – of our four authors who do not engage with modern technology, only two are still with us – how times have changed.
Tricia’s three books with TSL all have an historical theme:
* one for adults: Thirty-Seven Guns about Lord Byron,
* one for the older young person: Christopher Crown and the Immortal Signal, a fantasy where a young boy falls asleep on the beach and in his dream joins Nelson on his flagship,
* one for the younger young person: The Land of Counterpane, a collection of short adventures where a young girl encounters different historical characters at night.
All three books gently take the reader on a journey into the past encountering adventure along the way. It was good to hear that the person who transcribed the texts for Tricia enjoyed the stories too – always a good boost for both the author and the publisher.
So, if you are looking for a trip down memory lane into by-gone times with a gentle dose of British-focused adventure, then I strongly recommend Tricia’s books.

(There are only a few paper copies of Pamela’s books still available for sale: The Windspeare Lot; The Hidden Sun)