#Review: Henry Dawe’s “The Autumn of My Years” #radio #play

The Autumn of My Years broadcast on Harborough FM, Leicestershire in November 2023 is a three-part, 120 minute long, radio play written by Henry Dawe, a TSL author.

I don’t believe in recounting story lines and don’t intend to start now but will say this is a moving story about two people who meet at the theatre and their developing relationship. While I don’t recount the story, you can read what LincsOnline says about it, including some input from Henry.

In an age where many are becoming self-centred, not caring about others, this well-crafted script with Henry’s trademark play on words shows what can happen when people look out for each other. Henry doesn’t shy away from tackling issues of age, loneliness and in the post-discussion production mention was made about where people can access support if any of the issues raised in the play affect them. This is in keeping with Henry’s acute awareness of people and the challenges many face. His insight into people, grasp and manipulation of the English language, and his gift of conveying a serious message through humour stand out for me in this production.

If you do get a chance to listen to the play, do. And hopefully this is the first of Henry’s radio successes. If you can’t get to listen to The Autumn of My Years, there are always his two collections published by TSL – A Play on Words and Thirty Pieces of Pottiness.

See more about Henry at https://henrydawe.co.uk and watch him on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/@HenryDaweWriterActor

Henry is a member of London Playwrights.