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Michael J Lansdown – appreciation

Michael J Lansdown

Michael joined TSL following a talk at the Watford Writers’ Group to which he belongs. He had two books to get published – one on teaching and the other a follow on to his first novel Adam’s Lock. I wrote about Adam’s Lock some time ago which you can read here.
While happy to publish his teaching book, TSL was not the right place for it given the prospective audience and the network that TSL has. Having heard of Critical Publishing and that its ethos was similar to that of TSL, Mike approached them and they have published both his books on teaching: Meeting the Teaching Standards Part 1 and In the Zone.
In addition to being an author and member of Watford Writers’ Group, Mike runs Penn Pushers, a group nearer to home, where he helps budding authors develop their skills and build their confidence. As they say, ‘once a teacher, always a teacher’.
Short of repeating what I wrote in my review of Adam’s Lock including The Land Beyond the Seas, which TSL has published, suffice it to say that I have enjoyed Michael’s writing and the development of the narrative and characters. He definitely transported me to ‘a land downunder’ and a time past. I hope we see more from him in the near future.


#Review: Adam’s Lock by Michael J Lansdown

Adam’s Lock by Michael J Lansdown is the first of a trilogy concerning the life of William Parker.
I first encountered William Parker in Michael’s second book, The Land Beyond the Seas, which TSL has published and which deals with William Parker’s life in another country. To say too much here will likely give away the ending to Adam’s Lock, so I’ll leave it there. Having said that, starting on book 2 and then a year or so later reading book 1 was not an issue as both books are self-standing.
It shows Michael’s dexterity as an author as the settings and approach are quite different between the two books.
Both have required careful research, being historically based at the turn of the 19th century. The blurb on Adam’s Lock sets the starting scene:

Hensford is an historic Hertfordshire village ill-at-ease with itself. Since time immemorial those inhabiting the lower and the upper halves ahve eyed each other with suspicion – but a suspicion born of what? Newcomer, young school teacher David Stacey, determines to find out, setting off on a journey of discovery that will change the lives of two families, forever …

Striking in both books is the message that justice is not always on the side of right but that despite or inspite of the circumstances in which one finds oneself, it’s how we react that is important. Resilience in keeping to one’s values of honesty and doing unto others… are strong messages in both books. Read for yourself how it all pans out while gaining an insight into life in 19th century England and it’s social system.

I’m now waiting patiently to see what happens to William Parker in Book 3…

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