The Eye of the Clown


Alexander Crombie – Appreciation

Alexander Crombie

The TSL fold has been enriched with Alexander Crombie joining, thanks to Henry Dawe who introduced us.
Alexander is a blind author – which adds an interesting dimension to publishing his work as he is unable to do the proof-reading or checking of layout that most of our authors undertake. This is in keeping with our partnership approach. Despite his inability to do this checking, Alexander remains a fully involved and engaged author.
Alexander’s background is fascinating – some of it used in his first novel, Become the Wind. Through this, he shares how non-seeing people would prefer to be treated by seeing people. His sense of adventure and participation in activities one would not imagine a blind person doing – such as ski-ing – has been borne out by correspondents with TSL over buying his books.
Alexander types his own books – the accuracy of his spelling is phenomenal, no doubt helped by technology, but dare I say that his work is far more accurate than many seeing authors?
In his other books, The Eye of the Clown and So Long Henry Bear, Alexander continues to tackle difficult subjects – facial injury requiring reconstructive surgery and life in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during WW2.
He has at least another book in the pipeline – I look forward to seeing what it’s about.