Maya – a name that resonates for numerous reasons.

1. It’s the name of one of our authors – Maya Alexandri whose book The Celebration Husband is a novel of pragmatism, endurance and adventure in Africa during the 1914-1918 war. For this, Maya researched the life of Karen Blixen on whose life the book is loosely based.

2. Did you ever come across Maya the bee? It was popular in South Africa in the early days of television there (tv was only introduced/allowed in 1976). I see it’s based on a 1912 German children’s story.

3. There’s Maya Angelou for inspiration

4. And it’s the middle name of a family member…

5.Underpinning all these names is its origin in South America where the Maya people had a settlement in what is today’s Mexico.

6. And as such, it’s a place which features in L Lee Kane’s book, Death is an Illusion.