Doth quoth the Raven…

I had to look up where ‘Doth quoth the Raven’ came from – only to discover it was a poem by Edgar Allen Poe called The Raven. Literature influences our language – a quick search on Shakespeare and quotes will show how much of what he wrote has been adapted into everyday English use, but we won’t diverge into that just yet… our focus is on ravens, crows and even magpies or jays, depending on what part of the world you’re from.

A couple of books in the TSL fold feature these particular birds:
The Green Man and the Raven’s Quest – Sutherland Bell
Governed by Magpies – Beatrice Holloway

while Guthrie McGruer’s The Cardigan Cuckoos, plays on the characteristic of the cuckoo bird which is known for its deceptive behaviour.
The other books included have a bird on the cover with some mention inside – perhaps… take a look.