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Beatrice Holloway

About Beatrice Holloway Beatrice Holloway is a playwright and author who has been writing children’s stories since 2014. In 2015, Beatrice was appointed Children’s Storyteller on Hillingdon Narrowboats Association which has led her to...


Book settings: England, not London

Setting a book in a particular place creates a link, a special kind of magic. I can’t say it’s better than an ‘ungrounded’ book – both can be deep and meaningful, one easily transcending...


Children’s Books

The Adventures of Rhys & Towing Path Tales George and Flora Sir Chocolate Series And don’t forget to look at our Author Collaboration page for more children’s books.  


Books on or by Rhys

Twitter is a wonderful source of inspiration and snippets of useful and useless information. It’s thanks to the tweet below that this post came into being… Eliot Bliss and Jean Rhys https://t.co/SfUKlS8VuG pic.twitter.com/Blrr6Y2OzI —...


Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep

Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep The song Sheep by Andy Murray inspired this post. It was sung by the Cassiobury Junior School Year 5 Choir at the Watford Philharmonic Society 2016 A celebration of Christmas....


The importance of Granddads

Looking back at some of our books, it struck me how central a role grandparents can have in a child’s life – both in fiction and non-fiction. And, in particular grandfathers (granddad, grandpa, oupa...

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The Ashes

The Ashes – Cricket I couldn’t resist. When this post was first written (June 2015) England and Australia faced each other to battle it out for the urn containing the ashes of English cricket....