Margaret L Moore appreciation

Margaret L Moore

TSL has a few scientific/engineering background authors. Margaret is one of them – even more than humanity academics, the more scientific types have a particular way of writing which is not always what general readers appreciate. Margaret, however, having asked a few pertinent questions and after a few edits, turned out a most readable and enjoyable book charting a visit (and more) to Sri-Lanka, interspersing it with anecdotes from other holidays. Her interest in buildings, cultures and people especially family and friends comes across strongly, all aided by her ability to not take herself seriously (when, like most of us, out of the troublesome situation).
In addition to being a pleasure to work with (as are most of our authors), Margaret has also supported a few with looking at their writing and providing feedback, as well as general encouragement.
Having taken on the challenge by friends to write her book, From Sri Lanka with Love, I’m not sure if we’ll see anything more from Margaret – although I should add, that I’d be happy to see more from her as she opens windows onto different lands and experiences.