Francis Beckett

About Francis Beckett

Francis Beckett is an author, journalist and playwright. The best known of his 19 non-fiction books is Clem Attlee – Labour’s Great Reformer, and the latest of his five plays is also about Attlee and is called Clement Attlee: A Modest Little Man.
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Henry Dawe

About Henry Dawe

Henry Dawe is an actor and writer whose work has been performed in London (The Canal Café Theatre, The Club for Acts and Actors, The Cockpit Theatre, The Museum of Comedy), at the Leicester Comedy Festival and on national and regional radio. He has taken parts in most of those productions.
While Play on Words draws inspiration from his love for wordplay and for the Golden Age of British Comedy, Thirty Pieces of Pottiness is a collection of sketches, shorts and monologues for professional or amateur use designed to tickle your funny bone.

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Debbie Nagioff

About Debbie Nagioff

Debbie Nagioff is a writer, clairvoyant and hypnotherapist. Early in her career she worked as a freelance radio journalist and broadcaster for BBC Schools Radio and the World Service, and later for Three Counties Radio, Jnet Radio and Vibe 1076 Watford. In addition she has written for Soul and Spirit Magazine. Her books include The Twin Flame and Other Soul Mate Connections, Familiar Strangers – Soul Mates, Twin Flames and their Astrological Synastry, The Global New Age Directory, Celebrity Soul Mates and their Astrological Synastry – Part 1 and An American Lunch. She has also written several children’s books, screenplays, dramas and comedies
Debbie has also written numerous plays and sketches.

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