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Some TSL authors have created videos related to their books. Click on the image to purchase the book(s).

Book titleAuthorVideo link
Francis Beckett

(video features TSL author, Clive Greenwood)
A Youtube taster of my play A Modest Little Man, with @greenwood_clive
as the king, Roger Rose as Clem Attlee, and Lynne O'Sullivan as Violet Attlee.
Mavis Pachtervideo
Ezra WilliamsRadio Interview
Part 1
Part 2
Intros to ...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Margaret L Moorevideo
Robbie CheadleRobbie's son Greg has captured some videos of Robbie and Michael baking showing you how to make their various creations. Alongside the videos on TSL, Greg and Robbie now have their own channel
Melville Lovatt, Theatre, MonologueMelville LovattThe Wall’ and ‘The Teddy Bear’ from his collection Standing Alone are on YouTube by East Lane Theatre Company
Dave RobsonIntro
Part 2

Breaking through…

You might not have realised, unless you’re one of TSL’s authors, that TSL purposefully doesn’t mention a big player or two in its marketing material and communications. That doesn’t mean our authors don’t mention them in their communications – TSL just doesn’t. This post, however, will probably be the closest we get to mentioning any of them and it may just help explain why TSL is as independent as it is. Despite the challenge posed by this ethos, TSL authors are slowly getting known – TSL is making a break through…

Would we be in this position if it hadn’t been for organisations initially pushing reviews and promotion of books and item? So many good ideas to help validate and promote individuals (and their skills) have been reduced to cheap gimmicks which have little weight for those in the know.

And I leave you with this, found by our author, Robbie Cheadle.

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