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Robbie Cheadle and Michael

About Robbie Robbie is a qualified chartered accountant and works in corporate finance specialising in advice relating to the listings requirements of various stock exchanges, in particular the JSE Limited, and takeover law. Robbie’s...


Sugar sweet symphony

“What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice” is how the rhyme goes. I’m not so sure little girls are all that sweet, or ever were. I could be...


Sir Chocolate moments

Sir Chocolate is a very busy man. This post highlights some of his activities. His published adventures: Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries Sir Chocolate and the Baby Cookie Monster Sir Chocolate and...



Seeing this, pic.twitter.com/6bQ6VpDaTq — Leslie Tate (@LSTateAuthor) 30 December 2016 I couldn’t help but be reminded of that wonderful Duck Song my husband found when our nieces were visiting some time back. Naughty little...


Books on or by Michael

Books featuring Michael: Ray Wooster – Michael’s Magic Motor Car Jane Lockyer Willis – Michael’s Time Out (short story in Tea at the Opalaco) Books by Michael Michael Cheadle co-author of the Sir Chocolate...


Children’s Books

The Adventures of Rhys & Towing Path Tales George and Flora Sir Chocolate Series And don’t forget to look at our Author Collaboration page for more children’s books.