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Prior to the time he spent in West Africa as an education management advisor Patrick had a long career in education in the UK – mainly in the Further Education sector – initially as a teacher/lecturer and subsequently as a senior manager. Since his retirement from education he has established himself as a dealer in rare books. He was born in South Yorkshire but grew up in Norfolk and has also lived in Canada. He graduated in Philosophy, has three daughters and lived in London. Patrick sadly died on 15 November 2021, having approved the published version the Friday before.

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In Memorium

The following authors live on through their writing.

Patrick Dunn: ?? – 15 November 2021

Lesley Samson: 28 January 1939 – 8 February 2021

Keith Howard: ?? – August 2020

Bhupendra Brahmabhatt: 26 September 1952 – 3 December 2019


Peter Sternberg: 1930 – January 2019


David Ferris: ?? – 6 December 2016

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As do the following inspirations:
Flora (2020)
Big Ben (Oct 2021)