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Back in 2016, I came across Death and a Cup of Tea.

This reminded me of:
Alexander McCall Smith’s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series and Nancy Drew – I see I’m not the only one to have had an affinity with this young lady.
There’s also Jessica Fletcher and Miss Marple by the number 1 Lady Sleuth writer, Agatha Christie, who advises writers to “Remember as you write, expectations are for others. Your only job is to write your story. Remove the pressure.”

While Sadie Trombetta includes Rizzoli and Isles in her list, I’m not sure I would given the fact that Rizzoli is a police detective but if that’s acceptable in a list of female sleuths, then I feel quite comfortable including the female police officer featuring significantly in Death is Waiting by Patricia Simpson. For a slightly different take on using the skills of a sleuth is the coroner in Naomi Young Rodas’ Right of Possession.

And for a more recent list, 2023, Angela Erickson has a list of historical female sleuths I’ve never heard of.

First published 22 April 2017, updated 2024



Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is probably one of the most famous Lukes around. Another being the disciple Luke who wrote the Bible Gospel. It’s a name derived from the Greek referring to a man from Lacania. A few TSL books have characters called Luke:

Mystery at the Manor, in Rodney the Chimney Sweep series by Paul Ross
‘Visiting Miss Lyon’ in Woken by Sue Hampton and also in ‘Lockdown Love’ in Still Rebelling for Life
A Second Chance by Anna Ryland
Lucky Luke gets a mention in Shaka are Dead by John Samson
DCI Benson’s first name is Luke in Death is Waiting by Patricia Simpson

first published 24 April 2017, updated 2024


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Patricia Simpson is a member of Watford Writers Group. She enjoys reading historical fiction including historical romance and also detective stories both historical and modern. Death in Waiting is her first published novel.

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