Night Duty


David Stroud appreciation

David Stroud

David Stroud, linked with writers in Pinner and Harrow, has four publications with TSL – all quite different, despite three being scripts.
His monologue Wenglish introduces the reader to Wales through a play on language mixing Welsh and English resulting in a light-hearted take on life.
His short story, Night Duty, was converted into a 1-Act play by fellow TSL author Barbara Towell. The play, set in a Welsh hospital, was recently performed by East Lane Theatre Company as a double bill with a play by Jane Lockyer Willis, another TSL author but not for her plays.
Team Building, another script, takes us to Spain where a mental-health care group go on retreat for a weekend.
Finally, his novel, Albatross, take us to the seas, Norway, and to London as a teacher who gets himself into trouble.
While there is diversity in David’s work, there is a strong theme of individuals getting themselves into sticky or difficult situations. The are all realistic with David dealing with them in a sensitive, yet direct,manner, getting to the heart of the matter without shying away from the awkward bits. Of his pieces, I found Albatross most engaging – I don’t think it’s meant to be an enjoyable, uplifting read – and Wenglish for its clever play on words.