Sutherland Bell – appreciation

Sutherland Bell

Sutherland Bell is a collaboration between Sarah Bell and Nicola Sutherland.
Sarah wrote the story of The Green Man and The Raven’s Quest in poetry form, and Nicola illustrated it. Together we brought the book to publication.
It’s a book about looking after the world.
And this approach extended beyond the message of the book. Careful consideration was given to where and how the book would be available – it’s not on global distribution, and the few bookshops it’s available through are genuinely independent (not tied to one distributor) and doing things differently. There’s a growing trend where book buyers are starting to discern who they buy from and it was with this reader in mind that The Green Man and the Raven’s Quest was launched into the world. This meant the authors taking a risk – and for this I’m hugely grateful.
As with all TSL books, copies are available for purchase direct from the authors allowing them to reap the benefit of the hard work that goes into marketing and selling books.