Michael Lansdown


Michael J Lansdown – appreciation

Michael J Lansdown

Michael joined TSL following a talk at the Watford Writers’ Group to which he belongs. He had two books to get published – one on teaching and the other a follow on to his first novel Adam’s Lock. I wrote about Adam’s Lock some time ago which you can read here.
While happy to publish his teaching book, TSL was not the right place for it given the prospective audience and the network that TSL has. Having heard of Critical Publishing and that its ethos was similar to that of TSL, Mike approached them and they have published both his books on teaching: Meeting the Teaching Standards Part 1 and In the Zone.
In addition to being an author and member of Watford Writers’ Group, Mike runs Penn Pushers, a group nearer to home, where he helps budding authors develop their skills and build their confidence. As they say, ‘once a teacher, always a teacher’.
Short of repeating what I wrote in my review of Adam’s Lock including The Land Beyond the Seas, which TSL has published, suffice it to say that I have enjoyed Michael’s writing and the development of the narrative and characters. He definitely transported me to ‘a land downunder’ and a time past. I hope we see more from him in the near future.


The value of writing groups

Authors are all different in the way they work, some like to work indpendently whilst others need/like the encouragement and motivaton provided from other authors. As a result, there are numerous groups supporting authors – the challenge is finding the right one for your style, location and what you need the group for. Some TSL authors are involved in supporting authors as listed below.

Jennie Willett runs a writing group in Northwood, Middlesex, UK at St John’s URC church for people wanting to build their confidence as writers. For more information, contact Laura at stjohnsnorthwood@btconnect.com or 07783-410136

Kat Francois provides a range of workshops for poetry, spoken word, Poetry Slams, performance skills, drama – see https://www.katfrancois.com/schoolspoetry for more details

Michael Lansdown offers classes in Mill End, Rickmansworth – see https://www.creativehertfordshire.com/mike-lansdown/ for details.

Larger, more diverse groups include Watford Writers, Pinner Writers

For those interested in theatre, scriptwriting etc, there’s Player Playwrights in West London.