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Melville Lovatt, Theatre, MonologueMelville LovattThe Wall’ and ‘The Teddy Bear’ from his collection Standing Alone are on YouTube by East Lane Theatre Company
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Melville Lovatt

About Melville Lovatt

Melville Lovatt is an award winning playwright / monologue writer whose plays have been performed widely in smaller theatres throughout London.

NODA Award – June 2018 Melville Lovatt with Kim Wedler and Linda Hampson of Ruislip Dramatic Society

A number of Melville’s plays have won awards:
The Powers That Be won The Sussex Playwrights Club 1st Prize for best full-length play.
Small Mercies, a full-length play, won both a Jack Langford Memorial Award and a Derek Lomas Memorial Award.
Two one-act plays The Grave and The Kiss were shortlisted for The Diane Raffle Award.
Two monologues, Egg And Spoon and Making Adjustments (from Standing Alone) won the 2018 NODA Showcase Competition on 23 June 2018 at the Radlett Centre. Kim Wedler and Linda Hampson of the Ruislip Dramatic Society performed the pieces.

‘Going Out In Style’ in Bus Stop Blues was joint runner-up in The Player / Playwrights Short Play Competition 2022.

His monologue, The Dream features on Week 5 (last performance) of Tickle & Scratch: Spooky Stories

The Wall’ and ‘The Teddy Bear’ from his collection Standing Alone are on YouTube by East Lane Theatre Company, as is the monologue he directed, ‘Waiting For Jesus.’

Melville’s poetry has won awards:
“When all this is over” won the Barnet Borough Times June 2020 poetry award.
“The last sale” won the Harrow Times Poetry Writing Competition in December 2020.
“To Poetry” won the Harrow Times Poetry Writing Competition in May 2021.
“The Laughing Clown” came joint second place in the April 2023 Watford Writers Poetry Competition (The theme for the competition was “A Day Out”).
‘A Basket Instead Of A Trolley’ was Highly Commended In The King Lear Prizes Poetry Competition 2023

Melville studied playwriting at The City Literature Institute, Drury Lane, London and also at The Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn.

He was President of Harrow Writers Circle until 2018 and lives in Hatch End, North West London and is a member of Uxbridge Library’s “Curtain’s Up” Play Reading Group.

Watford Fringe Festival 2022
To watch and listen to Melville Lovatt reading a small selection of his poems:
Poems 2-

Listen to Podcast of Melville Lovatt’s Awarding Winning Play The Powers That Be and also the Bonus interview about the play at: and on other Podcast platforms
Youtube link for short monologue, “The Wall” by Melville Lovatt presented by East Lane Theatre Company:
Youtube link for short monologue, “The Dream” by Melville Lovatt presented by Turn Point Theatre Company:

(5th monologue on programme which appears at 37.31 minutes)

To date, Melville has published the following… to see more about a specific publication, click on the image below the list.

Small Mercies
The Powers That Be
Visiting Time (When it is published in 2024.)

The Lamp
The Distressed Table
The Boomerang
Making Adjustments
The Kiss
The Weekend
The Grave

Bedtime Story

Bus Stop Blues

Standing Alone
Relationships (With 5 other writers.)

Dancing For England


Plays and Monologues by Melville



Player Playwrights #drama #theatre #performance

Back in January 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting Player Playwrights at The Tavern, their London base. While TSL playwright Melville Lovatt was the catalyst in bringing us together, an outcome of that encounter has been the signing of a number of authors – both for plays and short stories.

So, it is with great pleasure that TSL can showcase the work of this group of playwrights and actors whether or not they’ve been published by TSL.
Take a look and then see who has been published by TSL (and it’s not just drama)