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Growing pains

Good Books which deal with growing pains are actually quite rare, I think. But here are a few which have had an impact on me:

Leslie Tate – Heaven’s Rage
Louisa May Alcott – Little Women

There are a few more lighter reads such as:
And I would even go so far as to add Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven to this list.
Beatrice Holloway‘s tales about Rhys and life on a canal boat would also fit this bill.

Both Percy’s Quest by Barbara Follows
and the George and Flora series by Rachel Haywood deal with growing up issues through the lives of animals.

Growing up of a different kind is tackled in Illumination by Mavis Patcher. This is a story of two androids learning how to be human.
Gideon Master’s characters in his Lucifer’s Child trilogy (not recommended for anyone under 18 years old) have to learn to deal with new worlds and states of being.

first published 8 May 2017, updated 2024


Mavis Pachter appreciation

Mavis Pachter

In the early days of TSL, we had to let potential authors know about us. That proved a rocky journey in terms of our message being received by the prospective author in the way we hoped and vice versa. Thankfully we didn’t need to follow that route for too long and word of mouth led to us getting a number of authors – this is still the case. While we still need to align understanding and set out how we are similar and different to other publishers and means of publishing, the main hurdle has been overcome by people sharing their experiences and values.
It was through the word of mouth route that Mavis found TSL back in 2019 and in 2020 her first book, Leo, the Lion Whisperer, was published. This is a sweet adventure story set in South Africa following a trip to the zoo. Mavis followed this up with an adult book, also set in South Africa, this time during the Anglo-Boer War or South Africa War on 1899-1902. An African Orchard is an historical fiction set around an apple farm in the Cape. The strength of this novel is the interplay between cultures – a family migrating from Poland, marrying into a Boer family and the main breadwinner dying. The story looks at how the women cope with life in a concentration camp and then after with no traditional male to take control. The lasting impression of this book with me is that of the strong, independent woman I have always associated with Africa and how the various traditions are negotiated (or fought).
Mavis then stepped out of her comfort zone and produced a science-fiction book. Two robots who think they’re human (well, one is programmed while the other isn’t) are the main characters in Illumination. If you’ve been following my views etc on books, you’ll know that I’m not keen on anything futuristic or fantasy, but Illumination seemed to bridge that gap, no doubt because of the very real-type issues that are addressed with Artificial Intelligence trying to be human. And this was written before all the hype about ChatGTP and AI taking over the world. In essence, the it is the exploration of moral values that appealed to me in Illumination: a subtle theme running through all of Mavis’s books. Ilumination also takes us away from Africa, the robots, Tewley and Junty, find themselves in the USA.
I know there’s more coming from Mavis, so keep an eye on the TSL news… I’ve enjoyed reading all three of her books so far and wait to see what the next brings.


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Mavis Pachter

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Mavis Pachter grew up in South Africa and attended the University of Cape Town. She emigrated to the UK with her family and worked as a Social Worker.  She has been involved in a writing workshop for many years and writes poetry, children’s stories and adult novels. 

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