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Between worlds

By all accounts, there needs to be a bit of death in order to access the world between… although, there are some exceptions. See what you make of these:

Death on the Vine – L Lee Kane
Chilled to the Bones – Linda Lee Kane
The Sorceress – Linda Lee Lane
Death is an Illusion – L Lee Kane
Death is Waiting – Patricia Simpson
Cruel Deflections – Geoff Brown
Through the Nethergate – Roberta Eaton Cheadle
Shaka are Dead – John Samson
Shadowshine – Keith Howard


Spiritual places

The most obvious spiritual places are generally regarded as religious places. How many books feature these special places? I’ve identified a few:

A church (of England) church in The Good Vicar by John Samson
St Paul’s, a Polish church in Ealing and various others in A Second Chance by Anna Ryland
There is a Presbyterian Church in Naomi Young-Rodas’ If it Falls

And a whole book about a church which became a VAD hospital during World War 1 – St John’s United Reformed Church by Northwood Community Arts (on request).

Linda Kane has a few churches and other spiritual places in her Luci de Foix series: Black Madonna: The Pope’s Obsession and Death is an Illusion.
Jo Wilkinson’s When Falls the Night and Leslie Tate in Love’s Register have spiritual places rather than a building, as does Kathleen Bates in Joyful Witness.
Megan Carter’s collection of poetry Amazing Grace is inspired by spiritual places while Beatrice Holloway’s Elusive Destiny deals with meeting the requirements to get into heaven in novel format.

first published 12 January 2017, updated 2024


Linda Lee Kane

Linda Lee Kane

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