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Lesley Samson

Lesley Samson For years Lesley Samson has been illustrating cards and calendars for family and friends. She ran an entertainment group called The Golden Girls, choreographing and directing performances which were loved by their...



Donkeys have recently been popping up on my radar and it’s not just to do with Christmas nativity stories. Within a month (Dec 2017/Jan 2018)… John Samson’s A donkey called Oddsock arrived in my...



Seeing this, pic.twitter.com/6bQ6VpDaTq — Leslie Tate (@LSTateAuthor) 30 December 2016 I couldn’t help but be reminded of that wonderful Duck Song my husband found when our nieces were visiting some time back. Naughty little...


Children’s Books

The Adventures of Rhys & Towing Path Tales George and Flora Sir Chocolate Series And don’t forget to look at our Author Collaboration page for more children’s books.  


Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep

Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep The song Sheep by Andy Murray inspired this post. It was sung by the Cassiobury Junior School Year 5 Choir at the Watford Philharmonic Society 2016 A celebration of Christmas....


I wonder

Whenever I hear these words, I immediately have the tune I wonder by Rodriguez go through my head. This can be annoying because the lyrics are not generally appropriate for the moment and Rodriguez,...


Out of Africa

At TSL we are very proud of our African links. The books below are either written by South African authors or are set in Africa


Old MacDonald had a farm…

Old MacDonald had a farm… These words came to mind when I started reading Tarzan Alive: A Definitive Biography Of Lord Greystoke by Philip Jose Farmer Our five featured books to do with farming...