Dyslexia, Deafness, Disabilities, Disorders … Don’t Dominate

Why do we label people? Labels get in the way yet despite (in spite) of the barriers many creative people have to face, they achieve. TSL values the diversity learning and other challenges bring – we all have them if we’re honest with ourselves. My nephew (11 years old) told me that ‘we’re all clever, we just don’t put it into action!’ I wonder who’s had words with him?

Paul Ross, author of the wonderful Chimney Sweep series, talks about his dyslexia. This influenced how we published his work, allowing space for young people to interact with the paper through drawing, scribbling or writing as well as electronic engagement.

The innovativeSir Chocolate series was the inspiration of young Michael as co-author and mom, Robbie Cheadle, explains, while some of our other authors and playwrights left school early to enter the world of work – their messages are powerful even if commas and spelling are not standard (that’s when we get the manuscript).

We can (and do) because we believe we can.

Thanks Pablo for the image

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