Judy Johnson

About Judy Johnson

Judy was born and raised in Alaska. When twenty, she moved to Continental U.S.A. and completed university education. She taught nutrition at Middle Tennessee State University and worked in hospital food management. For the past 35 years she has lived in London, married to Bob, a British citizen. She worked in sales at Micro-Rent, a company started by Bob and two others in the 1980s. They have adult twins: Adam and Suzanne.
Judy received her Bachelor of Arts in teaching in 1973, and a Master’s of Science in Nutrition in 1975.

Book by Judy

Alaskan Pioneer Girl was reviewed in Alaska’s Peninsula Clarion newspaper by reporter, Ashlyn O’Hara very favourably: “I’m generally of the opinion that the world always has room for more stories about women by women, and I found Judy’s spunky disposition to be deeply likeable and authentic.”