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National Poetry Day – did you miss it?

28 September is designated National Poetry Day – at least in the UK. At TSL, we don’t see one day as a special day – all days are special, so below are the our authors who also write poetry. TSL doesn’t specalise in poetry but we do have some poetry either as part of a collection or to support a charity.

Playwright and author Barbara Towell has a book of poetry Patchworks.
Kat Francois and Robbie Cheadle also publish poetry, albeit not through TSL.

To purchase a book, click on the image below:

first published 5 October 2017, updated 2024


Johannes Kerkhoven – appreciation

Johannes Kerkhoven

Johannes Kerkhoven joined TSL following a recommendation by Arnie Wilson. The first Johannes publication to come to TSL was his State of Guilt – a story set at the end of World War 2 in Holland, where he grew up. He was 8 years old at the outbreak of war in 1939. State of Guilt is a moving tale of action in the heat of the moment, the repercussions of which play out in years to come. This was a refreshing different take on the war compared with that usually recounted in the UK and USA. It reminded me a bit of Suite Française by Irène Némirovsky.
Next came a collection of short stories – Stuffed – and an anthology of poetry – Frivolous Verse. Both these publications showcase Johannes’ creativity and humour. They also reflect his experience of having lived in numerous countries, including Australia. One of my favourite poems of his is ‘Crumbs’. Johannes is also an accomplished artist who until recently was still selling his work in Brighton.


Green Eyes or Brown? #books #readingforpleasure

Some time ago, I saw mention that only 2% of the world’s population have green eyes. The majority have brown and 10% have blue.

Seeing this, I wondered how important it was for authors to specify their characters’ eye colour, so took a look through TSL’s books to see what authors have done. The result is below. Do you think it’s important to specify eye colour or should that be left to the reader’s imagination? Marthe Kylie-Worthington in Family are the Friends you Choose also questions authors focus on eyes.

The cat, Ginger, in Anna Ryland’s A Second Chance
Marla in Josie Arden’s Broken Ties of Time
Raphaela in The last rose of summer in This and That 2 by Josie Arden
Isabel in The Visit in Tea at the Opalaco by Jane Lockyer Willis
Fairytales and Oddities by Ezra Williams
Grey-green eyes feature in A Perfumed Holiday in Stuffed! by Johannes Kerkhoven
In a break from green eyes, brown eyes are mentioned in The Stillbirth Marriage in The Roots that gave Birth to Magical Blossoms by Amna Agib (Bit Nafisa)

Other books:
Doris Lessing’s lead character in The Summer before the Dark has brown eyes.

Thanks Pablo for the image

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Johannes Kerkhoven

Johannes Kerkhoven

Johannes Kerkhoven is an artist and author. Born in Rotterdam he spent the first nine years of his life in Franeker. During the war he lived in Hilversum and later in Utrecht before emigrating to Australia. He now enjoys living in Hove.
His Mixed Concrete – Visual Poetry was published in 2006.
For more about Johannes, visit his website.

Books by Johannes