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Jennie Willett

Jennie Willett

By one of those strange co-incidences in life, Jennie Willett and I were both teachers. Well, that’s not the strange bit, only that we didn’t know each other when at the same institution but were brought together by a mutual colleague once we’d both stopped formal teaching.
Jenny had initially self-published her books Easy Ways to Lift Your Mood and Easy Ways to Build Assertiveness, Confidence and Self-Esteem. These had their origin as course resources. Working freelance and having trained as a counsellor, Jenny looked to re-issue her books, the one on Raising Your Mood being co-authored with Dr Peter Connel, a retired local GP who sadly died in early 2024.
Jenny has since added a third title to her collection – Easy Ways to Manage Difficult Neighbours. As with her previous books, Jenny hones in on practical strategies to deal with awkward and confidence depleting situations. Checklists and bitesize activities to help refocus and achieve a different perspective or insight feature strongly in all her books.
In addition to counselling, writing self-help books which are short and pertinent, Jenny also runs an art/writing group in Northwood – enabling people who are not naturally comfortable with a paintbrush or pencil to unleash their inner creativity.
A survivor in many ways, Jenny helps others do the same. Her books are only one way of doing so. If you know someone struggling with low mood or lack of confidence, I know just the books, and author, to recommend


The value of writing groups

Authors are all different in the way they work, some like to work indpendently whilst others need/like the encouragement and motivaton provided from other authors. As a result, there are numerous groups supporting authors – the challenge is finding the right one for your style, location and what you need the group for. Some TSL authors are involved in supporting authors as listed below.

Jennie Willett runs a writing group in Northwood, Middlesex, UK at St John’s URC church for people wanting to build their confidence as writers. For more information, contact Laura at or 07783-410136

Kat Francois provides a range of workshops for poetry, spoken word, Poetry Slams, performance skills, drama – see for more details

Michael Lansdown offers classes in Mill End, Rickmansworth – see for details.

Larger, more diverse groups include Watford Writers, Pinner Writers

For those interested in theatre, scriptwriting etc, there’s Player Playwrights in West London.


Jennie Willett

About Jennie Willett

Jennie Willett
Jennie is a free-lance lecturer, trainer, therapist and writer. As a lecturer in adult teacher education, specialising in the way people learn Jenny facilitated courses at a London college on personal development. Many of her students suffered from low mood, anxiety and depression prompting her to devise tasks to lift their mood. These tasks have been included in this book. Her private practice covers personal development, stress management and cognitive behaviour therapy. She can be contacted through TSL.
Follow Jennie’s blog offering regular hints and reminders on building confidence and well-being.

Jennie has a series of titles planned for Easy Ways including dealing with managing stress and meetings.
As part of her work to help reduce stress and improve mental health, Jennie runs an art group, Art4All, in Northwood. During 2020 they could not have a physical exhibition so did one online. Jennie believes there’s an artist in everyone.

Dr Peter Connell
As a General Practitioner for forty years Peter was to dealing on a daily basis with patients suffering from depression, anxiety and a range of similar illnesses whether expressed or hidden. He found talking therapies often worked better than medication. This book incorporates many of those successful methods that eliminated the need for medication.

Books by Jennie


Easy Ways …

I knew Jennie Willett before TSL came into being. Jennie and I worked for the same Further Education (FE) teacher training consortium. Already then I’d read her self-published Easy Ways to Build Assertiveness and bought a copy for my sister-in-law. The book was to the point, practical and not overwhelming in size and word density. Colleagues were also very favourable about the book and Jennie’s enthusiasm.

Following a few years of going our own ways, Jennie and I met up again. By this time, TSL had come into being and Jennie had another book waiting in the wings – Easy Ways to Lift Your Mood. This she’d co-authored with Dr Peter Connell breaking the mould of self-help books by including the medical aspects backing up the practical. As with Easy Ways to Build Assertiveness, Easy Ways to Lift Your Mood was succinct, to the point and practical. The medical aspects easily understandable and accessible.

So, it’s not been surprising to get feedback from GPs about the usefulness of the book – the bonus being that they can prescribe the book rather than medication in the first instance.

Constantly listening to people she’s worked with, Jennie has now updated Easy Ways to Build Assertivesness, Confidence and Self-Esteem – which will be released on 4 February 2017. Additions include Dealing with neighbours, bullying and dating.

Reflecting on what makes Easy Ways work is that the practical advice is grounded in practice. Jennie has developed and used the techniques in group sessions and in one-to-one counselling. The exercises and suggestions are rooted in reality and what is possible. They’re books for everyone – those who need a boost and those who are supporting others.

I feel really privileged to be working with Jennie again and to be able to publish her books which have, over the years, made a huge difference to so many people.

Jennie has a blog offering some tips.

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