Reading and Children

Without writers, there wouldn’t be books to read to children – your own or others. Watching their reactions to what they hear and later hearing them retell the story can be wonderful and a real eye-opener. And conversely, would we have authors if children weren’t inspired by the stories they heard growing up?

Robbie Cheadle, one of our children’s authors is a great promoter of reading to children as she explains. She also discusses whether childen should be allowed to read sad and scary books.

Jane Fallon talks of the books which influenced her as a writer. A number she read as a child.

Sue Hampton, another of our authors, has written over 20 children’s books (Y4x4, I am Me and ,I am Me 2 published by TSL). Clearly Sue sees a point in children reading and being read to.

In case you need more convincing, here’s an article on the 5 Joys of raising bookworms by a bookworm.

Looking for something different for children to read? Try something off these lists.

Christmas Stories recommended by Robbie Cheadle – 5 books

Kenyan stories- 9 books

Children’s Book Review for 2017 and more generally

Little Linguist seems to offer books in dual languages aimed at children – a good way to learn a language and about different cultures.

first published 29 March 2017, updated 2024