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Mary Moore Mason – appreciation

Mary Moore Mason

Another author to join TSL thanks to Arnie Wilson, has been Mary Moore Mason, a travel writer of US American origin. I’m regularly reminded of the incredible experience and life TSL authors have led. Mary is no exception.

Her memoir, Goodbye Hoop Skirts, Hello World! tells of her growing up as a Southern belle before making the transition into a male dominated world which journalism was at the time. Mary was there to interview the neighbours after JFK’s assasaination and was involved with the launch of Pan-Am and its inaugural flight to the UK. Spanning a period of five decades, one can see how travel journalism has changed, yet Mary or Mary Moore to her US American readers remains an energetic force, continuing to edit Essentially America which she launched in 1994 and to travel. It’s quite easy to see how she came to chair the British Guild of Travel Writers without being British. Be inspired, take a read!