Gandhi – a popular person?

Outside of book series, Gandhi features in the title of more than one book published by TSL. He is a complex figure. While many hold him in high regard, others see him less of a hero because of his biases and single-minded attitudes.
Whatever your views, he is a man who made his mark, together with others, on South Africa and the Asian sub-continent.

Gandhi’s influence stretched wider however – reaching as far as the USA as seen in the making of the film Gandhi and the fact that when Charlie Chaplin visited England he wanted to meet Gandhi. James Kenworth has depicted this meeting in the East End of London in his play When Chaplin met Gandhi. (see here for some vintage Chaplin film – no Gandhi though)

As a result of his actions and interpretation of religious views, he had a great influence on Hinduism in particular. Rajeshwar Prasad has tried to capture the essence of Gandhi and his life through poetry in Gandhi – The Messiah.

He also gets a mention in two stories in Sue Hampton’s Rebelling for life and in Mary Moore Mason’s Goodbye Hoop Skirts – Hello World!.

As with all ‘great’ men and women, there are multiple views and perceptions of the person. 150 years after Gandhi’s birth, more is being debated about the man. No doubt, as a result, more books on the man, and hopefully of others in his network, will make an appearance.