Fairytales and Oddities


Ezra Williams – Appreciation

Ezra Williams

Ezra joined the TSL fold through a Harrow Opera connection who is also a TSL author Rachel Haywood. Ezra had a collection of short stories he was looking to publish – the result was Fairytales and Oddities, illustrated by Steve Poulacheris.
I can’t say I fully understand all of Fairytales and Oddities – it’s definitely not what I understand Fairytales to be, and is also definitely not for children. Ezra’s imagination comes to the fore in this compilation of writing which is well constructed and crafted. He is a versatile word artist and performer.
More my style is Losing Henry which he had published before joining TSL, and also his second book with us, Selected Pieces. The former being a story I’ve previously reviewed, while the latter is a collection of more journalistic pieces he’d written over the years. While more conventional in style, both contain elements of the quirky (to me) thought processes he exhibits in Fairytales and Oddities.
An accomplished Tenor, Ezra has been musical director for Harrow Opera, performs himself and composes – I wait to hear the outcome of his current project. The synopsis of it sounds quite intriguing and in a different direction to what I’ve seen so far produced by Ezra.

TSL author Leslie Tate interviewed Ezra on Radio Dacorum in 2022 – listen here.