Abdolhai Shammasi

About Abdolhai Shammasi

Abdolhai Shammasi was born Shiraz in Iran, in 1954. He moved to Tehran with his family when he was ten years old. Shammasi is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter and university lecturer. He studied mathematics in high school, pursued a degree in architecture, dropped out after two years and entered the University of Dramatic Arts, where he studied dramatic literature. He began his artistic career as a teenager making short films before turning to storytelling, publishing two collection of short stories (the last sign and six paintings) and ten books for children and adolescents. In the field of textbooks, he has written five art textbooks for the Ministry of Education for primary and secondary school. He has authored a book on teaching storytelling for the Faculty of Teacher Training, a comprehensive book on teaching playwriting for students, and a book on plain language writing for high school students. He holds the First Class Art Award and has received a commendation from the ITI (International Theater Institute) for his playwriting and playwriting workshops. He has been teaching playwriting, screenwriting and storytelling at the university for about thirty years.
Shammasi has written more than thirty plays, all of which have been performed and published in Iran, and has won the playwriting award four times.
– He has made two feature films and a few short films.
– He is editor of two magazines (art and music quarterly).
– He has judged many theater festivals and playwriting competitions.
– He has participated in the establishment of the Experimental Theater Center.
– He established Parto Naghsh Khial Film Institute and is its CEO.

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Windswept Writing

About Windswept Writing

Windswept Writing Community meets monthly to share stories, solve writing conundrums and develop our craft. The group is open to anyone who shares our passion for storytelling and can spare a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon to chat.

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Clive Greenwood and Jason Wing

About Clive Greenwood and Jason Wing

Clive Greenwood began as a actor at the age of 14. He started writing comedy sketches with “Newsrevue” then with his own sketch show “Out of Order” which transferred to radio and led to him writing for children’s TV show “Wysiwyg”. His first stage play “Goodbye; the (after)life of Cook & Moore” enjoyed sell out runs in Edinburgh and London, and he has just completed “Laurel & Hancock” for production in 2022. He has written scripts for many historic sites, including Greenwich Painted Hall, Kenilworth Castle, The National Archives, Hampton Court, and the V&A, and has just joined the writing team for Rory Bremner’s new show, and written a new radio pilot “Trapped on the telly”.

Jason Wing is an actor and writer from West London. He joined the Glynn Knowles Drama Group at a young age and was encouraged to write Plays for the Group to perform. His first play “The Christmas Mystery” was performed by the Group at the Battersea Arts Festival and he won an award from the Mayor of Streatham. Jason went on to study at the Drama Centre via a Sir Anthony Hopkins scholarship and has been working in theatre, television and film as both an actor and writer since he graduated. His career was launched by the director Jonathan Miller in a production of “The Beggar’s Opera” at Wiltons Music Hall.

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