Barbara Towell appreciation

Barbara Towell

Barbara Towell is another of TSL’s all-round authors linked with Pinner where with Nick Horgan she runs Pinner Writers.
Barbara was already a published author when she joined TSL, part of the reason being that the publisher of her novel A Little Piece for Mother had stopped trading. TSL, as a result, took over A Little Piece for Mother. This tells the story of a young girl coming to terms with her mother’s past as she (the mother) learns to adapt to a life of freedom in London. Barbara explores how the traumas one lives through, here time as a prisoner in Auschwitz during the Second World War.
Barbara has followed through with this theme in dramatic form with a play called Aftermath, a version to be performed by school children, as well as a more recent adult version. The young people’s version is in a collection, Drama for Young Performers, of five other short scripts and six performance poems for young people – reflecting Barbara’s role as a teacher.
A series of four monologues creating a single play around weddings can be found in Wedding Bells. This is a script that gives four different people’s views of the same wedding.
Kenneth is her monologue in the TSL compilation Relationships, while she turned David Stroud’s short story Night Duty into a one-act play.
Together with her husband John, Barbara has also produced some musicals which have been performed locally, but not published.
Not published by TSL is a short collection of poetry called Patchworks.
A Little Piece for Mother has a following in the USA and New Zealand with a reading group or two in the UK having organised for their local library to obtain copies. It is a book worth reading.