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Some TSL authors have created videos related to their books. Click on the image to purchase the book(s).

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Francis Beckett

(video features TSL author, Clive Greenwood)
A Youtube taster of my play A Modest Little Man, with @greenwood_clive
as the king, Roger Rose as Clem Attlee, and Lynne O'Sullivan as Violet Attlee.
Mavis Pachtervideo
Ezra WilliamsRadio Interview
Part 1
Part 2
Intros to ...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Margaret L Moorevideo
Robbie CheadleRobbie's son Greg has captured some videos of Robbie and Michael baking showing you how to make their various creations. Alongside the videos on TSL, Greg and Robbie now have their own channel
Melville Lovatt, Theatre, MonologueMelville LovattThe Wall’ and ‘The Teddy Bear’ from his collection Standing Alone are on YouTube by East Lane Theatre Company
Dave RobsonIntro
Part 2

Dave Robson

Dave Robson

After many varied careers, Dave is now a full-time author whose first loves are writing and sailing. He also practises life coaching.

Dave’s first book, The Five Pillars of Happiness, has helped many readers in their quest to re-engineer their lives to bring them in line with exactly how they want them to be. It’s available from Wizard Publishing.

How to be a Popular Crew was Dave’s first book to be published by TSL Books. It’s similar to a code of practice for those who want to crew on yachts and get invited back many times to crew again, and is packed with true stories and anecdotes, some hilarious, some horrifying, from the author’s chequered sailing experiences over many years. It’s also an invaluable aid to skippers/ boat owners, who can give it to their novice crew so they know what will be expected of them.

The Amorous Adventures of Big Ben is Dave’s third book and his first venture into children’s literature. Kids he’s shown it to have all loved it! Written in a time of Covid, it’s an uplifting read that is full of hope, humour and even a little philosophy, which parents and grandparents will enjoy too.
Dave also publishes a free monthly email newsletter, Namaste, for people who want to live more consciously. You can subscribe via his website, www.dave-robson.com

Dave talks about Big Ben at https://youtu.be/LtcjQJSXUdk
See more of Ben on Youtube.

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