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Horses and donkeys

In days gone by, horses and donkeys were important for transport. Today in many rural settings, they can still be found performing similar functions whilst in more affluent areas, horses are a hobby and income earner through racing. They feature in fiction and non-fiction books alike. Here’s a sample of what horses featuring on covers by TSL authors:

Three books concern the Anglo-Boer or South African war on 1899-1902, two of which are non-fiction: British Military Chaplaincy and Religion in South Africa 1899-1902 and Practically Over. The third is a novel by Robberta Eaton Cheadle, A Ghost and His Gold.

Two others are children’s books – a working horse features in Towing Path Tales while The Amorous Adventures of Big Ben, a Shire horse, tells of a horse all alone in a field, his work done, finding love.

Family are the Friends you Choose is an autobiography by Marthe Kiley-Worthington who forms relationships with animals, and horses in particular, that are close to human. Ever heard of a horse in a kitchen and watching television?
Another autobiography is that by Ray Wooster, My 30’s and 40’s Childhood featuring his toy horse. Ray goes on to write about horses in his A Boy’s War Journal, a novel set in and post-World War 2 London.

Finally, John Samson’s A Donkey called Oddsock, a novel, set somewhere in Africa, tells of a donkey’s journey as he and his young master try to avoid being recruited as child soldiers.


Dahlia Harrison

About Dahlia Harrison

Dahlia Harrison is a retired local government officer who studied for an MA in History then a Masters in Theology in her spare time to enhance her interests in social and military history. She has been a researcher and medal collector for over 30 years. Dahlia is a member of the Victorian Military Society, Western Front Association, Honorary Treasurer of the Friends of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers’ Museum (Royal Warwickshire) and a member of the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS). Dahlia has given many years of her time to the Committee of the OMRS, both as Convention Organiser and subsequently General Secretary. She is temporarily acting as secretary of her local OMRS Branch and lives with her husband in Lincolnshire.

Supplementary material to accompany British Military Chaplaincy and Religion in South Africa 1899-1902
not included in the book. (excel spreadsheets)
Chaplains Appendix H

Chaplains Appendix H-2

AChD Regimental Roll – TNA – WO 100 and ADM 171

Regimental Roll of Christian Volunteers

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