Craig Carter


Ilona Hawkins – Appreciation

Ilona Hawkins

Ilona is a South African author with a long-standing interest in space exploration. In her younger days she penned a series of stories around Craig Carter. In her later days, she decided to have them published. To date, four have seen the wider world. The hero is Craig Carter – we trace his decision to become a space explorer through to his emergence as an explorer extraordinaire. Moving between worlds, space and earth, the reader is caught up in the dilemmas Craig faces – betrayal of friends, personal glory, loyalty to country, family etc – what decisions will Craig make in each encounter?
It’s been fascinating watching, or reading, the different scenarios Craig faces and how the various threads continue to hold together – while not what I would call gripping reads, the Craig Carter series captures a genre of writing we little experience today (at least in my reading world). All credit to Ilona for taking us into other worlds, a strange yet familiar journey.