One challenge self-published authors have, more so than those with a publisher, is marketing their books. TSL likes to be #SupportingLocal where possible through events, promotions and including books when attending markets.

One of the big challenges TSL has though, is how to support local when books are only available through Amazon which TSL doesn’t support. So included in this posting are the names of authors TSL supports locally in Middlesex, UK and if there’s no link to their webpage, you might need to do a little digging (or searching)…

Joshua and Glenda Cartwright – author collaboration

Antti Hakala – comic books at Sven Comics and Antti Comedy
Sean Mcmanus – business and IT at Sean
Julia Underwood – historical novels on Facebook
Kay Seeley – historical novels and short storiesKay Seeley Author

Author Collaboration and used books


Author Collaboration and used books

At TSL we understand how difficult it is to get seen amongst all the tweets, posts and other social media information we get bombarded with, and contribute to. So, we try to do things a little differently and hope it has an impact and resonates with others. We also value partnership and teamwork with the result that we collaborate with authors not published by TSL and promote books not published by but authored by TSL authors.

The books below are on sale through TSL on behalf of the authors.

Farah Shammas – 40 delicious vegan recipes
Mike Lansdown – education related

And, in line with doing things differently, the following used books are for sale – (coming soon)