Christy Roxburgh

About Christy Roxburgh

Christy Roxburgh can usually be found reading a book. Until five years ago this might have been an edgy novel, science fiction, “Best places in the world to scuba dive” or “Navigation for Pilots” (Yes she is trustworthy enough to fly an aeroplane). Since the birth of her boys she now usually has her nose in a children’s book and spends a disproportionate amount of time dreaming up ditties to amuse her kids, fuelled by coffee. Writing a book was always on her bucket list but it was a catchy song made up by her husband which lead to the creation of her first book The Irrelevant Elephant. She strives to instill a positive message to her young readers in a light and humorous way. She lives in Surrey with her husband, two energetic young boys and an elderly, but still bonkers Hungarian Vizsla.

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