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BSAP Association

BSAP Association

‘Books of the British South Africa Police’ is a series designed with the object of recording previously unpublished stories by members of the BSAP, written many years ago, before they are lost for ever, and republishing stories and memoirs which appeared in old magazines, which are now not readily accessible to the ordinary reader.

Books by the BSAP

Book One: The B.S.A.P. Origins and Early History (Bussy)
Book Two: Zambesi Patrol
Book Three: Sunrise Patrols
Book Four: Down the Decades with the B.S.A.P.
Book Five: Not without Incident
Book Six: Mocke: Life and Works
Book Seven: The B.S.A.P. Military Operations in World Wars 1 & 2
Book Eight: Troopers’ Tales of the B.S.A.P.
Book Nine: Commanding the Regiment
Book Ten: Stand to your Horses
Book Eleven: Murray’s Column