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Barbara Towell is another of TSL’s all-round authors linked with Pinner where with Nick Horgan she runs Pinner Writers.
Barbara was already a published author when she joined TSL, part of the reason being that the publisher of her novel A Little Piece for Mother had stopped trading. TSL, as a result, took over A Little Piece for Mother. This tells the story of a young girl coming to terms with her mother’s past as she (the mother) learns to adapt to a life of freedom in London. Barbara explores how the traumas one lives through, here time as a prisoner in Auschwitz during the Second World War.
Barbara has followed through with this theme in dramatic form with a play called Aftermath, a version to be performed by school children, as well as a more recent adult version. The young people’s version is in a collection, Drama for Young Performers, of five other short scripts and six performance poems for young people – reflecting Barbara’s role as a teacher.
A series of four monologues creating a single play around weddings can be found in Wedding Bells. This is a script that gives four different people’s views of the same wedding.
Kenneth is her monologue in the TSL compilation Relationships, while she turned David Stroud’s short story Night Duty into a one-act play.
Together with her husband John, Barbara has also produced some musicals which have been performed locally, but not published.
Not published by TSL is a short collection of poetry called Patchworks.
A Little Piece for Mother has a following in the USA and New Zealand with a reading group or two in the UK having organised for their local library to obtain copies. It is a book worth reading.

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National Poetry Day – did you miss it?

28 September is designated National Poetry Day – at least in the UK. At TSL, we don’t see one day as a special day – all days are special, so below are the our authors who also write poetry. TSL doesn’t specalise in poetry but we do have some poetry either as part of a collection or to support a charity.

Playwright and author Barbara Towell has a book of poetry Patchworks.
Kat Francois and Robbie Cheadle also publish poetry, albeit not through TSL.

To purchase a book, click on the image below:

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Fiction – a platform for challenging topics

Fiction can be a handy tool for tackling issues that are hard-hitting. For example:

Right of Possession (Naomi Young-Rodas) – dealing with an abusive partner.
Archie’s Children (Beatrice Holloway) – a criminal father returns to stay with his adult children.
A little piece for mother (Barbara Towell) – the impact of a holocaust survivor on her daughter growing up in London.
Become the Wind (Alexander Crombie) – dealing with blind people.
So Long Henry Bear (Alexander Crombie) – prisoner of war survivor’s guilt.
The Eye of the Clown (Alexander Crombie) – responses to physical disfigurement.

And if you prefer non-fiction, these might be of interest:


Barbara Towell

About Barbara Towell

Barbara is an English and Drama teacher as well as being the author of the successful international novel A Little Piece for Mother.
She has published work in many genres. With her husband John, she wrote the musical Faith is the Key; staged both in Harrow and during the Dumfries Festival in Scotland.
Her other published works include: Patchworks; – a poetry anthology, articles in national magazines and some years ago she sold a series of children’s short stories to Dial-a-Telephone Story. In 2013, she was lucky enough to win the Harrow Libraries’ crime writing competition and prior to that, won the Harrow Millennium Carol Writing Competition. Although she has written, directed and performed in many productions, Wedding Bells; is her first play to be published.
Barbara co-leads the Pinner Writers’ Group, is editor of The Pylon magazine, the Parish magazine of St John Fisher, North Harrow.
You can find other poems and articles by Barbara in Sixtyplusurfers magazine as well as in The Lady and by the beginning of February 2021 she had won the monthly Harrow Times Poetry Corner competition four times.
In January 2021, she won 1st prize in the Pinner Writers’ crime short story competition judged by international crime writer, Leigh Russell. On the winning story ‘Erin’, Leigh Russell wrote:’This story had an unusual and original perspective. It was immediate, really taking readers inside the character’s thoughts. This is a writer who understands how to show, not tell. It is powerful writing, thought-provoking and haunting.’

Books by Barbara