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Growing pains

Good Books which deal with growing pains are actually quite rare, I think. But here are a few which have had an impact on me:

Leslie Tate – Heaven’s Rage
Louisa May Alcott – Little Women

There are a few more lighter reads such as:
And I would even go so far as to add Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven to this list.
Beatrice Holloway‘s tales about Rhys and life on a canal boat would also fit this bill.

Both Percy’s Quest by Barbara Follows
and the George and Flora series by Rachel Haywood deal with growing up issues through the lives of animals.

Growing up of a different kind is tackled in Illumination by Mavis Patcher. This is a story of two androids learning how to be human.
Gideon Master’s characters in his Lucifer’s Child trilogy (not recommended for anyone under 18 years old) have to learn to deal with new worlds and states of being.

first published 8 May 2017, updated 2024


Barbara Follows

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Barbara has a lifetime experience of working in primary education. She knows that reading to children expands their vocabulary and knowledge of the world around them, as well as strengthening the parent/carer child bond. This is her debut book but not her only published work. The birth of her first grandchild was a catalyst to completion, aided by the collaboration of an artistic daughter in law.
Sadly, Barbara died suddenly in August 2023.

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